We are a truckload freight contract carrier, and sometimes haul LTL (less than truck load). We carry freight dock to dock. We find loads online, by phone,
and email, and go directly through shippers and or receivers. We look for steady back hauls, and or outbound freight. We are currently looking to add more
freight lanes.
We use 53ft vented dry van air ride trailer's. (weight gauges on our trailers)

You can email us with any questions you may have.
Thank you for your interest in our company.
Sunrise Transportation LLC
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On the left. Crater Lake, and the blue
that you see it not the sky,it is the blue
water of Crater Lake.(looking down to
the water)

Special note you can bobtail to the park
but do not bring your trailer.(please call
first to double check, rules can change)
Again Crater Lake in beautiful Oregon.
My son and I had a boat tour of this lake
and recommend  it highly. You do have
to walk down to the water from the
caldera to go fishing with no need for a  
license, swimming even with snow on the
shore (its a high altitude lake), or on a
boat tour. I recommend bringing
something to drink. Its quite a walk.
Crater Lake National Park, Vidae Falls.
My son and I visited the park on a
layover in the summer of 2009, you can
see him in the picture (all picture's can
be made bigger by clicking on
them).What a great way to spend some
time off!
Montana Flathead Lake is to
the left.
The right side and the following
three picture are educational
and are in Montana as well.
Snow depths in Oregon are no joke as you can see. I have been in deeper
snow than this picture shows. In many of the states listed below, however I
was not able to take the pictures that show it. Many western states are no
strangers to this type of snow depth in the passes. Idaho, Washington,
Montana, Colorado, Wyoming, California, and Utah.
Montana, both pictures and
don't forget to enlarge the
pictures by clicking them.
Both pictures are south of I 70 on 191  
south of Moab,  in Utah.
On the left Washington, on my way to
Gold Bar.
On the right Oregon or California?
On the left Portland, Oregon.

The picture on th right is just east of
Troutdale, Oregon. On I 84 just south
of the Columbia River. Multnomah
Falls .
The Grand Tetons are in both
pictures, they are in the back of the
buffalo on the left picture. Wyoming
Notice no fence!

Trucking Association  www.ooida.com/
Look up carrier's at  www.safer.fmcsa.dot.gov/   for looking up motor carriers and brokers.
Road closing  site     
Breakdown site         www.nttsbreakdown.com/  repair site for broke down equipment.
Breakdown site         
www.truckdown.com/  another repair site for broke down equipment.
$17.85 per month      
www.prepass.com  for on the road safety and weight checking.
If you buy the unit      
www.norpass.com   service is free! For safety and weight checking.
Prepay account          
 www.ezpass.com   Combined with I Pass for tolls.
We use Ezpass combined with I Pass for tolls,  Prepass for on the road safety and weight checking. We sometimes carry tire
chains about 8 months of the year,because in the west, weather conditions often demand them in the mountain passes. We
can scale a weight of 45,000lbs of product, in the summer with little or no tire chains for weight. In the winter we can scale
44,500lbs of freight.
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