Arizona cactus on the left.

Oregon to the right.
On the left, Idaho on I 84 traveling
west looking south.
On the right Snake River in Idaho.
On the left, Oregon and on the right,
Florida. Just for fun I through in a
warm place in case you were getting
On the left Snowqualmie Pass.

On the right Stevens Pass (ski area)
the picture was taken 6-17-2008 and
both pictures are in Washington.
On the left is Tucson, Arizona.

On the right is Saint Louis MO.
The famous arch.
This picture is on a very long bridge across Louisiana.
All three of these pictures are
Mt. Shasta northern California.
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Our 2012 Freightliner
Coronado is to the right.
To the right is a front vent. There
is both a front and back vent on all
of our trailers.
To the right is our built in weight
gauge for help with axle weight
setting. Also all air slide
tandems Hendrickson (All four
To the right is the underside of
our air fairing for energy
savings on three of our trailers.
To the right is our automatic tire
inflation system on three of our
The picture to the right is our APU
(Auxiliary Power Unit) Used to save
the environment from pollution and
fuel consumption also for heating
and cooling. It has a small Kubota
diesel engine for driver comfort.