Located at:                                                                            DOT# 1975043
6716 W 5 Mile Rd.                                                          
       MC#    698600
Hesperia, Michigan                                                       
       MPSC# 34391
Office 1(231)854-1019                                              
            KYU#    284503
Fax      1(313)887-6355                                         
                   California# 394321

For covering load's click the above
Sunrise link please or click here.                         
We are a small contract carrier trucking  company. For dependable  
personal service please try us. We have run all 48 states.
We have 4 53' dry van trailers, vented,and air ride.
For on time transportation please call, fax, or email.
We have many year's of tractor trailer driving experience, with
safe miles, and on time deliveries.
Our number one goal is safe on time deliveries.  With many different
road condition's we maintain safety and customer satisfaction.
We have run 48 state's and we are always looking for more dedicated
lanes. Please let us quote any outbound freight, or back
haul freight you may have. Thank you!
We normally haul full truck loads dock to dock. We do multi pickups,
and drop offs, and LTL (less than truckload) from time to time. We  
have steady customers and brokers we work with, and we would
love to send you references if requested.
Sunrise Transportation LLC
Hesperia, Michigan
On the right is the inside of our trailer.
This image to the right is
on our business cards and
on our trailers.
This image to the right is on our
The five picture's below are the interior of our truck with a bunk bed with a built in
folding ladder, a table station that folds down into a large bed with one button, closet,
tv and vcr, refrigerator and microwave. We also have Sirius radio.
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From: Sunrise Transportation LLC
Hesperia, MI.
Locally we do some excavating (under 10,000lbs.) also some light tractor
work with a small 4x4 loader.
The next two pictures to the right.
Sunrise Transportation LLC
Driver application
Click here to our PDF file.

Please fill out and return by fax, email,
or mail.
To the right are two pictures
of our 2012 Coronado
engine right and left side
under the hood.
A very hard dock to back in.
The three pictures to your right
are our 2001 Kenworth T2000
To your right and up three
pictures are of our 2012
Coronado interior.